Our clients ambition is to be world leading in fantasy sports and pool betting — join our journey! Their products are primarily targeted towards large international partners and customers. The fantasy sports-and pooled betting market is a rapidly growing market in Europe. How fantasy games work: In fantasy sports you are a manager for a team. Each player creates their own Fantasy team by “buying” real players (from any sport) and receives points according to how well the real players perform in the real matches/events. Clients products are already being used by millions of users, and their immodest ambition is to create the world`s best fantasy-and pooled betting solutions. As a developer in their company, you will be a big part of our journey towards this target. Our customers biggest advantage is modern and solid technology. They have for example chosen to not support old browsers for the benefit of increased possibilities and higher user-friendliness. Their backend platform is built up as a modern web API for web and app clients, delivery from backend to end user works as a pure API-delivery, free of legacy and old-fashioned technology.


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