About the project:

The purpose of the SCADA system we develop is collecting data that is produced by wind turbines as they operate, and providing means for monitoring and analysis of wind turbine fleets based on this collected data. There is a feature of the SCADA system we develop that makes it unique compared to other SCADA systems. This feature is that it works with wind turbines from multiple vendors, which makes it possible to analyze and monitor a fleet of various turbine brands.

The 2 developers we are looking for now would be responsible for writing so-called drivers that parse the streams of bytes sent by the turbine and persist it in the storage in the uniform format. Usually, the process looks as follows:

  1. Analyze a dump of stream bytes and find communication patterns
  2. Prototyping
  3. Design and implementation
  4. Test
  5. Document


Candidate should have 3+ years of recent .NET web development experience.


Would be a plus:

Personal qualities:

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